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Tool To Fill Out Contact Forms On Websites


I've used GSA SER a lot and am now looking for a tool that can fill out contact forms for various websites.

Does any GSA software do this or can anybody recommend any other software?

Is there a way GSA SER could do it?


  • SvenSven
    you can probably "abuse" SER to do this with a custom engine.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Hi Sven

    This would be a very powerful addon.

    I'm looking for a tool that could do it rather than having to build a custom engine.

    SER would be well suited to do it though!
  • SvenSven
    well it would be a bit of a problem to market this. Its spam in my eyes and you can not use such tool for anything else if i build it. Sure it would be easy using the SER engine but it's problematic as it's very black hat.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Hi Sven

    How would I go about modifying it to do this? Or can I pay someone in the market place to do it for me?

    It's either that or hire some VA's on Odesk and do it manually, but would much prefer to use SER for this.

    Many Thanks.
  • @AlexR

    Hit me up-- we could talk about this. I understand @Sven is sort of on the fence about using the product this way-- but it's an interesting idea. 
  • Good for prospecting for SEO clients in my mind. A little bit spammy, but in my eyes, you're just speeding up a slow process. It's not illegal to get in touch with people. 

    Dependent on cost, I'd be happy to buy the engine or go in on the dev costs to get it made. Should be fairly easy, though, scrape Contact7 footprint, and blast  connect with those website owners.

  • SvenSven
    JudderMan make some suggestions on how to market this without legal issues and Im coding it ;)
  • I scripted an engine for Contact Form 7 a while ago, but never found a valid reason to use it beyond testing. I'll  dig it out from my backup drive later on today.
  • something like this.

    @Sven I'm my mind its not too different to a blog comment. Sending a message to website owners, in bulk, for example I could offer my SEO services to them "I'd like to chat about your site and getting you more traffic and targeted leads for your site as I've noticed your competitors are higher in Google than your site."

    Instead of sending messages one by one which I often do but tailor each message to their company, if I could do it in bulk I could send a more generic message to more people.

    I get people using my contact form trying to sell me something and often I reply to them.
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    edited March 2016
    Link assistant, part of SEO PowerSuite kinda does this. It scrapes a list of potential link / giveaway / whatever partners based on footprints / keywords, crawls the site to find their contact email and then allows you to send them an email all from within the software.

    Obviously IANAL but that legally sounds like the same thing (or even worse) as using someones contact form.

    Scrapebox has a "Contact Form" mode as part of Comment Poster, never used it myself but it might be worth exploring as an option.
  • I have a website that asks users who are interested in a specific service to fill out a form with some details involving their projects, their intentions, what they would like to see in the service, what they want to get out of it, etc. 

    Sometimes I get spammy responses in the form-- it is annoying honestly. I can always tell when its automated because of the lack of flow. I just directly delete it. Maybe its because I am already sort of involved in this community- but looking at this from an outside perspective I could see being pretty annoyed if my form got spammed out. 

    So now I don't know what to think. Maybe if you wrote some really organic content you could get away with this- but I'd be careful.
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    Scrapebox v2 can do this
  • Really @londonseo? I haven't used it for a while, will fire it up.
  • People you got a script manual and already around 100 engines written as an example.
    Basically you just have to tell SER what to do once it enters a page, and what fields fill... its 5 minutes... Sven made everything so easy for us...

    BUT selling and making tool like that will kill all domains in the end you wont get any leads / sales or whatever.
    Its exactly like engines and custom platforms, gave them to dozen of noobs and in the end you wont get any links (take a look at web 2.0 in SER). Things like that should be private or sold to inviduals at high price - anyone who knows what potential it gives to contact milions of ppl wont sell  something like that cheap. or make something like that open to public (unless its shit like few products i already seen).

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