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newish GSA user, got a verified list service, not seeing much if any ranking increase, links stopped

I'm a newish GSA user.  Meaning I've used it off and on for years but never used it every day for years.  I'm not sure I really know how to get the most out of it.

I bought a verified list from a provider online and my projects got up to 5,000 links, but I haven't seen any ranking boosts...

1) am I doing too many links too fast?

2) how can I boost up some old news articles to page 1 using GSA?  formula/recipe?

3) how can I use GSA to boost the Majestic trust flow (TF) of my url/domain?

Also, last time I logged into my server to check the LPM, it was 0.002 or basicaly no links being made anymore.  Is this because I ran out of proxies, link targets, or my emails got used up or something else?

How many links should GSA be able to make if I just leave it for a month running 24/7?

Thanks in advance!
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