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Free limited Content scrapers - finding unique content on the dark web

Is there any content scraper which is trial limited/free/lite that can scrape from search engines? I just need 5 to 10 articles for a couple of projects and dont wish to buy KM or SCM. I know of  Article lite version which is free but a virus scan revealed a trojan. Another one I know of is content bomb from whitehatbox which I tried but it failed and I was unable to run it.There' no support for it as well. 
Another source which I would like to mention is the deep/dark web which is the non indexed part of the internet. Any idea how to scrape from there? There are some deep web search engines but most of them are paid or dead.


  • SvenSven
    SER has a build in scraper for articles.
  • Ya ....I am currently using the built in scraper but I usually dont get results for many phrases. It has predefined site list which is limited and those will be used by most other users which leads to more duplicate content. I want to search and scrape from the blogs and sites obtained by SERP. This will help bring content for any keyword phrases.
  • KaineKaine
    edited March 2016
    +1 for web scrape, remove link/date/author like Kontent machine and possibility for output folder (edit) :)
  • Couldn't find web scrape. Can you send the link.
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