Elite proxies for sale

75.000 online socks-proxies available every day! 

Our team of professional spammers from Russian forum rustdot.com opens access to its resources.
We offer FAST elite private socks4/5/http(s) proxies for:
- Any kind of scraping, parsing, spamming, crawling
- High-anonymity web browsing from all web browsers.
- High-volume content posting from proxy-supporting automation tools.

Supports all websites:
- amazon.com
- craigslist.org
- facebook.com
- google.com
- pinterest.com
- ticketmaster.com
- twitter.com
- yahoo.com
- youtube.com
- and ALL other websites

- 4-hour Test Before You Buy
- Different GEOs (you can choose)
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- Elite Anonymity 
- Non-Sequential IPs
- Subnet Variety
- Worldwide Locations
- Guaranteed Quality
- 99%+ Network Uptime
- ip based authentication
- Professional technical support. We've been doing networking for many years by now so you can bet we can address all your issues in a professional manner.

- 5-6k (mix) socks - 100$ a week
- 3k specific geo-targeted socks - 150$ a week

Have questions? Wanna order?

skype: rsocks.net
jabber: socks@rusdot.com
ICQ: 560335
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