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[Case Study] How To Quickly & Easily Find Affordable Quality Expired Domains

inet_solutionsinet_solutions Bulgaria
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Whether it’s for your private blog network, a money site, or just for reselling purposes, you always want to find the perfect balance between quality and affordability in an expired domain. We all know that domain auctions tend to get “ugly” especially if the domain is really worth it. They can easily reach several hundred bucks and even more if the battle gets intense.

Today, I will show you how you can quickly and easily find quality expired domains that are at the same time affordable in just 2 simple steps – yep, you will be able to purchase them for the standard domain registration fee which is around $10 for most TLDs, if not less.

Enjoy guys!


  • shaunshaun
    Did you edit this post after I picked you up on your PR comments over on BHW? The thread over there was deleted before I could check for a reply from you and now I cant find the part I picked you up on in the post but there are still parts like this.....

    "So, once this domain’s public PR gets updated by Google, it will probably be a very strong PR 4 domain. "

    "So, I would say that this expired domain will easily be PR 6 after its public PR gets updated."

    Could you please confirm if you actually have successfully ranked a site with any of the methods you blog about or are you just compiling stuff other people have posted?
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    Holy crap, that whole article just screams Dunning-Kruger. You absolutely have no clue why those domains are still free to register - now do you? 

    The extension is reserved to ISP's only, the .ie extension requires an Irish passport and other documentation and is a governmental extension for christ sake. In other words: you won't be able to register any of these domains. 

    And lol @ using free accounts and 10 proxies to check thousands of domains. Just buy a subscription or participate in a Majestic group buy and bulk check them within seconds.

    The whole expired domain hunting is long over mate. You won't find any real gold nugget domains anymore and those you do find aren't really worth setting up the hosting, content creation and maintenance. There are still ways to aqcuire great domains for cheap but you'll have to snap before the expiring phase. 

    I hate to say it, but you're trying way to hard to make yourself look like some kind of authority but have absolutely no clue what you're doing. 

    Edit: looking pretty shredded in that picture though. Can you send me some Sopharma clen? 
  • @rogerke

    Haha oh my god. That was amazing to read. Please do this more. Just reading that gave me the jimmies. 
  • inet_solutionsinet_solutions Bulgaria
    edited March 2016

    So there are no people out there looking to create an ISP company in the UK? Maybe they don't want to start their website from scratch? And there are no Irish people using the Internet, trying to make money online? I admit I was not aware of the situation, but I wanted to illustrate that this domain seems like it has N/A PR, but in fact it is a much higher PR. How can I know what domain everyone out there is looking for?

    There were many other domains that I found with the software that were the regular TLDs, but I chose to feature these ones because of their situation and history. Now, I mention through every article that I write (on this topic) that you will find much better domains at the auctions. This one is aimed towards people who want to buy multiple decent expired domains, but still spend as little as they can. Do u think all online marketers have $2k to set up a PBN of 4  - 5 sites? I don't think so.

    As for Majestic, I think I know my audience better than u do and I can easily tell u that most of them don't have extra cash to spend. So, if I can give them a way to save a few bucks, I will.

    You are telling me that you will have better and faster success with a brand new site (which will cost u the same) than if u purchase even a lower quality (like PR 2 or 3) that has a few PR 3 and maybe one PR 4 link to it? You will have a small head start at least. So no, I don't think that the expired domains hunting is over. Just because u can afford the really good ones at the auctions or u can afford to pay a few hundred bucks for back orders, that's cool.

    I'm not trying to look like anything and I don't give a fuck how I look to anyone. All I'm doing is writing content for people who can benefit from it. Apparently this article was not for u and that's that. But u saying I don't know what I'm doing? Come on... You seem smarter than this.

    P.S. Clen is weak and after I get to 100mg/day I start shaking like a leaf, so run away from it. Also the cramps are horrific if you don't throw in some taurine in the mix. One time, I got a cramp in my abs in the bus and started clenching like a retard. People were staring. Didn't care.

    Cheers mate.
  • inet_solutionsinet_solutions Bulgaria
    edited March 2016

    I don't compile any of my stuff based on what other people have posted. I just write on my knowledge. In the beginning I used to read and watch some marketing videos and then compose posts based on my impressions of them, but nowadays, I more like go with the flow, of sorts. Whatever I am doing, I tend to write about it, because it is easy as the words just come to my head. It's like telling a story, but funnier.

    As for your other question, all I can say is I confirm.

    Edit: BHW deleted my thread for self-promotion (I guess someone reported). Are u talking about the analyzing expired domains tutorial?

  • shaunshaun
    The BHW thread for the post you linked in this one.

    So are you saying you actually use these method to rank sites? I'm sorry to say but I have to side with Rogerke, something just seems off with them as if you are blagging it trying to get affiliate commissions.

    Could you clarify your understanding of the two quotes I quoted? Google doesnt publicly update PR anymore but before you editied your post you stated it around four times.....
  • @shaun

    Sorry mate. I didn't understand. What have I stated and what was deleted/edited? I have not posted a thread about this on BHW. I'm confused here.
  • edited March 2016

    Hehe, don't expect too much. I kinda hate using a semi-agressive tone like that on a community forum like this, but it was late and his posts are getting way to self-promotional IMHO. 


    Come on, you know very well you're writing for an international audience, not for ISP entrepeneurs or redheads (no offence intended lol). And you didn't just pick these domains by accident. You picked them because they indeed are good domains, but as I said there is a reason why they're still free to register.

    I know PBN's are all the rage right now, but once too many people jump into it and automated software/methods becomes publically available the method gets nerfed pretty fast. We've currently reached a point where it's terribly inefficient to hunt for these domains, register them and go through the hassle of managing them. Even for noobs with small sites time is better spend analysing and optimizing better link building techniques - but that's just my opinion.

    And I'm not buying anything from auctions. Ever heard of the redemption grace period / quarantine for domains? Get the WHOIS information and contact the current owner with a good offer or some lame excuse why you'd like to have that domain. Depending on the extension and and/or regtistrar it won't be as cheap as the usual registration fee but that's where the gold nuggets are at the moment ;)

    It's not really my intention to blast you even though the self-promotion gets kinda annoying, but I do think most of your tutorials lack the specifics to be succesfully applied. Don't get me wrong, you're a great content writer, your website contains some pretty detailed posts which can't be found anywhere else on the net, but I I'm pretty damn sure you haven't made any real money of any of these tutorials (hence starting a blog, lol). 

    If I can give you one tip: stop catering towards the BH community and start promoting your website to the general IM/SEO community. You definitely have the content writing skills and that's where the real traffic and money is. 

    Lol, have had the shakes and clamps as well on clen. Usually it's because I'm titering up the dose way too fast. If I start at 40mcg and titer up 10 mcg a day I can easily handle 120 mcg after a week or so. Great stuff once you hit sub 10% fat mass - else the risk to benefit ratio isn't worth it.
  • shaunshaun
    Ah yea, my bad it is two different blog posts both with the same problem though.

    Could you clarify what you are talking about with the below quotes....

    "Thing is, many people think that PR is no longer updated at all, but the reality of the matter is that it is still updated (publicly) once or twice a year."

    "Now, recently (maybe 1 or 2 months ago), I noticed a drastic change in the numbers which basically means that Google had updated its public PR – I think it did that intentionally prior to the new Penguin 4.0 update that is coming."

    "So, once this domain’s public PR gets updated by Google, it will probably be a very strong PR 4 domain. "

    "So, I would say that this expired domain will easily be PR 6 after its public PR gets updated."
  • ^^^

    Wow, lol. 
  • @rogerke

    You are wrong there mate. The reason I started a brand (i.e. the website) is because I got to a point where I felt like I need to actually create something. I was making more than enough money in my previous job (as a programmer), but I get to these points where my Nature (I guess) pushes me to do something more. And so I did. Making money from some lame ass review sites (for example) or from ranking other people's websites was just not good enough for me anymore. So now, I get to do what I like and make a living out of it (until I reach the point where I will have to get to the next level, which I already have) - simple as that. Once I get enough of this experience that I am going through, I will simply recruit someone to look after what I created and keep it going while I move onto bigger things. That's basically it.

    I appreciate your suggestion about moving more towards the general IM "niche" and I have been doing that, but I still write for your general BHW enthusiast. It is what I enjoy. People might think that I'm doing all this just to make the cash, but truth is, I enjoy what I am doing and I simply write about it. It's no more complicated than that.

    P.S. I also did load up slowly, but Clen is good only for about 2 weeks and then u gotta go off, because the receptors get accustomed really fast and u won't see any results after that point. But anyway, Clen is weak.

  • @shaun

    I will tell u what exactly happened. We run a lot of GSA SER projects for many customers (hundreds) and I know very well the lists that we scrape for the link building. I know also very well the numbers that they produce if I set a project to have a PR 3+ filter or a PR1+ filter for example.

    Now, I don't deal that much with that part of my business as I have a team now taking care of it, but we did notice a huge shift in the numbers (in lower direction) about 1 or 2 months ago - I can't remember exactly. Now there are 2 options here:

    1. Way too many sites stopped being compatible with GSA SER all at once which seems very unlikely, not to mention the fact that right after that, the numbers for projects without any PR filter increased a lot.
    2. Many of the targets we had got their PR updated thus the shift in the numbers.

    What you are referring to is why the PR of these websites was not updated correct? If that's it, then it is because I don't think that Google updates PR of expired domains at all - I might be wrong and I'd love for someone to shed a bit of light on PR and expired domains. Many times you will have a scenario where people purchase an expired domain and its PR gets updated almost immediately. I know it has happened to me and I've read on forums people experiencing the same thing.

    Is this what you were asking for mate? I'm not sure if I understood your query, but I think I did.

    Let me know.

  • shaunshaun
    PR has not been publicly updated since December 2013. A simple check on your part would have confirmed this and the fact you didnt even have the common sense to carry out that check before publishing it on your blog is shocking considering you are aiming for guru status.

    There are actually three other options that could be the cause and are much more likely...

    3. Your target list is not fresh and holds a lot of dead domains as is not being maintained or refreshed.
    4. Your team screwed up somewhere in the projects.
    5. You don't have a clue what you are talking about.
  • @shaun

    Mate, you are joking with this right? Hasn't been updated since 2013? Really? Then how come one of my domains dropped down from the PR 3 that I purchased it at to the PR 2 that it is currently sitting at just 3 - 4 months ago (just to give u one example)? Please don't tell me what I have checked and not checked. I would not make the statement if I was not certain what happened.

    3. My lists are the freshest you will find out there. I keep them cleaner than my underwear and update them also more often than I change my underwear.
    4. My team rarely screws up anything.
    5. Good one.

    P.S. I don't even know what guru status is nor do I care about that.

    Cheers mate!
  • shaunshaun
    edited March 2016

    There is one reputable source of countless sources about the last PR update. Have fun trying to find a reputable source saying there has been an update recently...

    Here is the PR update date history -

    Without your domain details I cant confirm but I suspect you were scammed and someone spoofed your domain stats with a 301. Don't have time to explain how it works and I havent read the full article but I skimmed it an it is has the basis of how it is done. -

    If this is the case and I suspect it is then use this tool in future to prevent yourself from being scammed in the same way again -

    You can check the PR history of the domain you have in question here -

    So after all that its look like options 3, 4 and especially 5 are looking more and more likely :).

  • inet_solutionsinet_solutions Bulgaria
    edited March 2016

    The expired domain owned by no one scammed me?
  • shaunshaun
    I don't understand that comment but thats the only thing I can think of that could have caused it other than accidentally mixing domains up or something on your side.

    Have you had any luck finding a source to confirm that Google have recently updated their PR publicly?
  • Hi everyone, 

    I'm definitely a guru and have been drinking and I say that PR is less of a % as it was in terms of wondering/thinking about a site. I wouldn't turn my nose up at a PR7 link, even if the DA/PA/TF/CF was <20s. Those figures don't line up but they aren't PR1 and DATACFTF 10-20. 

  • @shaun

    I did a very thorough research on this thing and I gotta say you were right - it was 5. I didn't know what the fuck I was talking about. Thing is, I recently started scraping for expired domains again (for an unknown purpose) and I swear to God the domain I'm talking about switched from PR 3 to PR 2 in a week or two after the re-registration - blasted it with thousands of GSA links, so I don't really know what happened. That, in combination with a course I watched (can't remember the name, but its date was post the last PR update) stating the same things I stated above about public PR (which are completely wrong) and the numbers in GSA dropping by 50% or more overnight (I have to understand what happened because as I said, my lists are constantly cleaned and updated, so that's not the issue for sure) led me to think what I thought was true about PR. In any case I hate excuses and I'm not making any. U were right I was wrong and I thank you for shedding some light on me in this manner. I despise wrong information, so I have a few articles to edit now.

  • You blasted ser right at a domain?
  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp Oh yea. Wanted to test something.
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