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How long does it take you to rank on first page from easy to extremely competitive niches?

Hey guys,

How long does it take you to rank from easy to extremely competitive niches using GSA SER or additional things with SER as well? I personally need 1-2 months for easy to hard level difficulty niches and for extremely competitive niches I need like 4 months. But also need additional things combined with SER, like SAPE, PBNs etc. Would like to hear how long does it take you guys mostly to rank with easy-extremely competitive niches using SER alone or additional things along to dominate top 1-3. :)


  • It completely varies based on a number of factors such as competition, site age, on page optimization, etc. This thread of silly. 
  • Really? Wow! I didn't know that you opened my eyes now, do you want BJ for your wisdom?
  • How long is a piece of string?
  • so far I haven't seen GSA rank anything, so I think it's software that Google already knows how to ignore, making it useless.  Anyone had different results?
  • Only use gsa as tier 2-3 is what i could recommend :) maybe things change for you @gsauser101
  • @gsauser101 True, not that powerful as it used to be in past. I think it's time to create own engines platforms and on that way things could go smoother.

    @eLeSlash Yeah, I always used it as Tier 2-3, now I do something like this:  
    Money Site < Manual High Quality Web 2.0 < Web 2.0 Automated from FCS < SER Contextual blast < Everything Else from SER so Money site < Tier 1 < Tier 2 < Tier 3 < Tier 4 

    With this method I can rank easily for medium competition niches for higher and extremely tough one you need SAPE and PBNs along to break in SERPS top 1-3
  • @Anonymous
    No way, this is my tactic also, i will fight with you in copyright !!1111 heh

    Yeah it has decent impact for me also. What about content ? What do you use ? Im using Expired Article Hunter for content in web 2.0's - money site - (tier 1-2) - in PBN's.
    I allways add sape and pbn links to any project doesnt matter if its low-med-high-veryhigh competitiviness.
  • agree with other comments. my setup = money site<pbn<fcs<gsa. i spend most time building out my pbn these days. it is always an arms race and staying one step ahead of google
  • I'd say the most critical element is PBN's now. Web 2.0 are going the way of the DODO.
  • feukimfeukim Singapore
    FCS huh?
    i have some tricky like curn n burn,
    moneysite <-- tier 1 manual high quality <-- tier 2 readable super spun with fcs too :D <-- SER contextual <-- SER contextual + non contextual <-- SER non contextual
    i think all of you stole part of my tactic...
    ah ah ah  
  • for me it's just PBN's...

    I don't think that web2.0 or fcs or gsa are useful even to support the pbn or web 2.0.

    Think about it... if web2.0/fcs/gsa is not good for money site, then why is it good for PBN?
  • @Anonymous

    When you said "With this method I can rank easily for medium competition niches"  what's an example of medium competition for you?  For stuff like: small-city-name service you just need like 1-3 TF45 expired domains in a PBN.  For a major city you need like 10-100 strong expired domains...

    What is a SAPE?  How do you get them?
  • @Anonymous

    how long does it take you to START seeing some upward movement?
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