Saw An Update For Ser Engines Today

So i did the update..accoreing to the update just about every engine was updated.....But was there really an update done?...Dont seem to be noticing anything....Anyone???


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    Last week sometime mid week my SER englines went nuts posting thousand and thousands of articles. it was nice, but unexpected. 
  • SvenSven
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    @steelbone many engines have changed indeed but for most of them all I did was adding "enabled=0". Mainly for web2.0 engines who are dead (server down, domain down, no longer allow registration/posting).
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    Thanks Sven

    Any update on when the new ser engines will be out?


  • SvenSven
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    Sorry no news on that.
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    Wouldn't hold your breath for that one.
  • @steelbone yeah stop paying until something happens. If we all do this I'm sure an update would follow and I'd sign back up. Otherwise it's cash in the bank for SERengines for doing absolutely nothing.
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    I cant believe people ever kept their subscription to SEREngines going......

    I tried it for about 3 days, ticketed there support, heard nothing after around a week so cancelled and went back to FCS. Then FCS went to shit and I moved to Ranker X and in my oppinion Ranker X is starting to go down hill as well now.
  • I cancelled mine a few weeks ago
  • I will do it soon.....
  • @shaun not sure of how RankerX is working for you. It is working great for me but tbh I only use RankerX for Web 2.0 sites and I use 2captcha because DBC is very bad for Google No Captcha, If I use DBC, the success rate would drop by 50%. RankerX + SER is still a killer combo for me.
  • I didn't like RankerX at all- it was just not for me in the end. Rather do it manually TBH
  • How many web 2.0 different domain live links can rankerx build ? In the past ser engines stated that you end up with 22 live links but i only succeeded creating like 11-15.
    What price does rankerx has?
    How is it compared to fcs network ?

    I am using autofill now...
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    eLeSlash  for blogs, I normally get about 35 to 40 live links (different domains). For web 2.0 profiles (profiles on sites like it's about 40 to 50 links (different domains).
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    Yea I get around the same as Alden.
  • fcs sucked. really slow at account creating. 

    looking to try ranker next week
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    Wow guys that is quite impressive honestly. Big numbers also the profile creation feature is a big +.
    I assume you use them as tier 1 right? Do they have nice impact as tier 1?(not alone but used as tier 1 + some strenght from other link types) ?
    I am trying to look for some good tier 1 links beside my PBN / sape (sape wont work that good for me as tier 1 links anymore)
    Is rankerx $50 a month ?
  • I didn't think it was that good---
  • Did anyone tried Moneyrobot submitter? Is it worth trying?
  • feukimfeukim Singapore
    FCS is mad,
    crash after 5 minutes...
    need some automated tools, how about rankwyz guys?
    did anyone tried it?
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    @Anonymous I have a friend who left Ranker X to move over to Magic submitter, he hated that, then he went to money robot submitter, hated that and went over to SeNuke.

    @feukim I used version 1 of RankWyz and will never use it again, I know it is version two now but it is massivly over priced and he treat his customers really badly in V1. I am still using RankerX but I have friends trying out other Web 2 submitters as they are sick of Ranker X. If they report a good find I will probably jump ship too.

    I have lost count of the number of times I have requested the ability to auto include image and video into content buckets on Ranker X and its still not implimented after months! Its a basic feature in all other tools, it also helps with indexing, explained this to the Dev and he just cracks on with pointless features :(.

    I am currently working on an indexing case study that I will release to the forum and SER contextuals are currently indexing better than Ranker X web 2.0s with my methods.....this should never be the case, I know its not just down to media but it defo does help with indexing.
  • feukimfeukim Singapore
    @shaun ive tried RX, but didnt got it. 
    everyone tell me about both of bad boys, RX & GSA.
    ah, tell me, what RX can do, 
    actually need account creations, content creations, and management network. 
  • I've tried fcs, rankwyz, money robot and ranker they all start with good meaning but after a few months they stop working fully or support becomes poor.
  • write your own
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston

    Any new news on SER Engines Update?
  • SvenSven
    still work in progress...sorry for delay.
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