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Hi i am referring to a post back then on BHW made by the great Ozz i think, goes like this:
I did some research about the international SEs with the "search online for url"-tool and keywords "powered by vbulletin" and "leave a comment" website.

Here are my results without dupes (KW1|KW2):
-google (453|394) -> very, very fast
-msn/bing (145|17) -> wtf??. good speed though
-yahoo (855|825) -> very fast
-hotbot (850|807) -> moderate speed
-ecosia (849|792) -> very fast
-info (677|607) -> moderate speed
-lexxe (573|454) -> moderate speed
-metacrawler (416|416) -> moderate speed
-sky (406|305) -> moderate speed
-euroseek (430|287*) -> slow. *idle mode after some time (aborted)
-exalead (94*|599) -> moderate speed. *idle mode after some time (aborted)
-mamma (241|209) -> moderate speed
-ask (192*|129*) -> *idle mode (aborted)

crappy results: search, searchhippo, jayde
only page 1 results: blekko, dogpile, exite, gigablast, ixquick, scrirus, yandex
not working: aol, charter, clusty, lycos, scrubtheweb, teoma, thunderstone, verizon, volunia

I have tried the LeeG approach to choose 4 random Giggles and 1 Inter Giggle, different ones for every project, but this did not work nice i think. SER spent too much time on the searching and seems got stuck in the search process. Now i am not running a lot projects, just 3 for now so the 4+1 approach my be better to use with a lot of projects, but for now i am looking at this test that ozz did back then.

Why cannot we just chose ALL Giggle, Yahoo, Msn, hotbot, ecosia, info etc, (the ones we think that work..), and then check an option in the program to chose 5-10 randomly of these for every search instance. To go even further, maybe have SER not use a SE engine if it fails for 5 times to give any result.

I think something like this would be very useful and possible for sven to create. After all many questions here arise of not having enough submitted and verifieds and this SE issue relates directly to it. sq
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