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EMAIL LIST: Have a Singapore email Opt-In database ( internet marketing niche ) looking for AdSwap

edited March 2016 in Buy / Sell / Trade
Have a Singapore email subscriber database ( internet marketing niche )
which also includes a few from Malaysia, India, Arabian, etc.

I am Looking for AdSwap for Internet Marketing Niche,
preferably an opt in list of USA, Canada, or England contacts.

Do let me know if you're keen to do an AdSwap for Singapore subscribers, thanks

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  • well since is email marketing is dead for the rest of the world , do they opne their emails at singapore ?? becouse on 550k email from england contacts they open 20-30k . i give up email marketing years ago 
  • Hi Marios, is it dead for the rest of the world?

    In Singapore its still pretty much alive. but Singapore is a really small country, so i wanna expand my list internationally
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