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Problem with form

I am coding an engine but im facing some problems

In this platform there isnt any name=comment or simmiliar .. Any suggestion ??


  • SvenSven
    form name=*Submit Comment

  • Log file :
    name=test  [type: Input]  [type: Input]
    website=  [type: Input]
    address=Where are you?  [type: Input]
    latitude=  [type: Hidden]
    longitude=  [type: Hidden]
    subscribe-checkbox=y  [type: CheckBox]
    tnc-checkbox=y  [type: CheckBox]
    extension=  [type: Hidden]
    cid=  [type: Hidden]
    parent=0  [type: Hidden]
    task=commentSave  [type: Hidden]
    pageItemId=4  [type: Hidden]


  • and the part of engine :
    Submit Comment=%Comment%

    Just for sure .. but nothing ..
  • tmpl=component&format=ajax&no_html=1&component=com_content&cid=169&comment=%comment%&parent_id=0&name=%name%&email=%email%&
  • yes yes i get the point . you post comment.
    my engine can't find the form to post ..
    it finds everything else but not the form for comment ...

  • maybe its a bug , something with cookies or zone time ...
  • You'll have to use MODIFY URL and POST DATA here

    The data posted is as @andrzejek posted, though you'll need to extract that last variable like below:

    front=komento-token" style="display:none;"><input type="hidden" name="

    and extract the url to POST DATA to like this:

    front=baseUrl: '
  • MariosElGrecoMariosElGreco Athens
    edited March 2016
    well its really confusing for me this one .. maybe i have to stick in more easy engines.
    i beilive i get the point . if no name=comment on the form you'll get the "id,class" or any simmiliar and you post with those critiria ,, if i undrestand it right ..

    the part "post data" its a new world for me right now i can guess. :P
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