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What to Charge Pay on Performance?

I have a client in the pharmacy industry. I want to move into a more pay on performance as my SEO packages are fairly static. I'm on the 2nd page for a few big keywords so this will be highly profitable for me going forward and if we have slow months then they don't pay me as much. It also means I can focus on the whole site rather than the targeted keywords we chose for the SEO package.

EPC is around £1.50, not a great deal as they had some issues with the site that I've helped resolve. The bounce rate has plummeted as a result, so this is why I want to change the pricing structure.

Their average sale price is £36 and profit margin is around 20% on many products. They mentioned about charging per 1000 UVs....I know this is open to abuse but that's not my style. Can anyone give me an idea what they'd charge. I have a few ideas but wanted to hear other's opinions.


  • What i do is i create my own websites i rank them and i sell leads.
  • @JudderMan - Check out pricing for your clients domain, current rankings, and recommended procing structure.

    Here's a screenshot of some basic pricing for LOW, MEDIUM, & HIGH competition keywords:
  • @coneh34d thanks man, yeah heard of them before. I was tempted to just outsource to them but I'm a control freak and don't like being the middleman. Maybe with new clients but not current ones.

    As mentioned, the client I was talking about is more concerned with traffic/UVs. I just still can't decide on a £figure as I don't want to cheapen my service.
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