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Version 1.48 Hangs up

Hey there, 

I am running the new version on dedicated server, 500 threads, 200 semi dedicated proxies.  

The project is a monitor folder project.

It keeps getting hung up and stops running.  Then the software goes in and out of (not responding) status and I have to restart it.

Is there a log file I can get you, so you can see what the problem might be?



  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
     If you're on a server, maybe I can login and take a look. I'm shooting you a PM  now to get some more info about your project.
  • I am getting strange behavior on my copy as well.  I have gscraper running a scrape and Platform ID monitoring the folder.  The project just stops and can't be restarted.  Furthermore when I try and click the tools button, nothing at all happens even after restarting the software.
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