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Can You Add Custom URL Shorteners to URL Redirect Pro

Can I add my own url shortener sites to URL Redirect Pro? For example this one: is clearly using yourls as platform and I would like to add it into URL Redirect Pro for usage. Can I do that?

Also the site I've mentioned has google recaptcha. When I tried posting on it with SER I didn't succeed. I've identified it first by putting it in a sitelist_URL Shortener-YOURLS.txt file and then imported the file to a project, but it couldn't post. So will URL Redirect PRO post on that site if I add 2captcha or Decaptcher (the only solutions that support recaptcha) as captcha solvers?


  • SvenSven
    You can do that indeed. Click on the down arrow from the start/stop button and you will see a menu entry to import custom sites.

    That mentioned site has "recaptcha v2" as captcha solution, thats not supported right now sorry.
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