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Moz Domain Authority & alexa rank

Pagerank algorithm not only way to filter the quality links.

is it possible to add these features.


  • you have these in scrapebox
  • so when will gsa update these features
  • SvenSven
    You can also check for any kind of metric with GSA Proxy Scraper. In GSA SER we didn't add it as it would require you to have many proxies since the free API allows just a few checks per IP.
  • edited March 2016

    if GSA added that metrics maybe  compete with other tools.

    if I know these features early with SB I preferred to buy that instead of GSA. but already bought GSA.

    maybe in future that metrics are helpful to evaluate quality links. PageRank algorithm not updated from 2014. sure, google maybe /already shutdown that algorithm.

    >>proxies no matter, but we need quality links.

    is GSA use proxies for index check and ping URLs. when I have checked for index 120 URLs, 85 URLs are blocked.
  • SvenSven
    onlinekinguser you you are sorry buying GSA (it's GSA SER btw as GSA is just the company) instead of Well SB is not really something you compare with our tool as it is build for a different purpose.
  • @onlinekinguser theres no metrics that will tell you if site is quality or not. i was able to easy manipulate moz pa / da and majestic trust flow with spam, achieving high values.

    i also seen strong expired domains with 0 pa / da or low trust flow...

    check out this post from @grax1 he knows what he is talking about
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