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(Not Responding) or very slow to launch dialog box when I hit the EDIT button

When I launch GSA everything in the program runs fine until I click on "EDIT" . After I click the edit button, it either takes a really long time to launch the dialog box or it goes into (not responding) mode and I end up having to restart GSA.  I have tried the Windows Compatibility tool and it doesn't seem to fix it either. 

Any ideas? I don't know that my included screenshot will help much, but this is the screen that I get before I have to restart.
Also included spec on the VM its running on.




  • SvenSven
    Might be the amount of content you added to the project. How many keywords/articles and so on you have?
  • use macros for articles
  • Its doing it even on new projects with no URLs loaded in.  And on the ones that are existing, only using 5 articles and miminal keywords 

  • SvenSven
    Please send me such a project.
  • Not sure what you want me to do?
  • SvenSven
    1. right click on the project->modify->backup
    2. upload on
    3. give me the link in pm

  • Will do. Thank you Sven !
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