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NEW TOOL: Search engine Parser as part of GSA Proxy Scraper

I have added a new tool to the GSA Proxy Scraper which can be used to parse search engines.


More can be read here:


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    This is awesome. 

    Doing some scraping with it right now. :)
  • edited March 2016
    @sven i ran both proxy port scanning + search engine parser, the search engine parser will become extremely slow or even hang. 

    200 threads on search engine parser
    100 threads on proxy port scanner
    300 threads on proxy scanner

    8 core processor with 8 GB rams dedicated server, 1gps port, don't think that extra 100 threads of proxy port scanner would slow down the search engine parser so much. 

    Any idea? 

  • SvenSven
    Yes, use less threads ;) Sorry but 600 threads is not a good idea in my eyes.
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    May I ask what can I do with this tool? :/ Thanks 
  • SvenSven
    you can automate search engine parsing and keyword tracking.
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    edited March 2016
    Thanks. I have no idea what you mean tho. Where can I find a shallow or in depth tutorial over it? 

    EDIT: I used it to get new proxy sources...
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited March 2016
    @DzilRel - Have you ever used Gscraper or Scrapebox? 

    In GSA PS you would go to tools > Search Engine Parser. 

    Then in the keywords tab, you would enter your footprints/keywords you want to use for scraping Google or whatever search engine you choose.

    • Keywords tab - Enter your keywords/footprints (use combine button to merge footprints/keywords together)
    • Search Engines Tab - Select the search engines you want to parse/scrape
    • Options tab - Adjust your threads and other basic options

    You would use it simliar to how you use SB or Gscraper to scrape targets. Of course you can scrape whatever you want, but that's an example.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    How is this tool for scraping Google?
  • SvenSven
    Trevor_Bandura well it is simulating the exact browser behaviour, open page, enter keyword, press search or page 2-10... Same as every other tool
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    s4nt0s got it sir! I use Gscraper, but I will keep using it because I scrape only a few pages of the results, not all. I would rather prefer quality over quantity. Probably in the future when it will become a better tool it will be a good choice.

  • alexeyalexey Moscow

    Hello. Search engine Parser tool scrapes Only the top 10 of the first page ? what depth parsing of each key ?
  • SvenSven
    It parses all pages it can.
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