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why importing target urls directly to the project not identifies platform & engine?

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1.can I build links from unknown platforms / engines by importing them into the project?

2.where they are stored if I import & verify URLs from file global options >>advacned>>tool>>import & verify

if the list stored in identified list,then if I use all global list to the project again all identified/verified submitted failed.

what about duplicate posting? some links already built and exported to the global list from the same project
if I clear URL cache to fix already parsed
is the GSA post again on the same page more than once?

I am not enabled Allow post again on the same site.

3. why importing target URLs directly to the project not identifies platform & engine?


  • SvenSven
    1. Depends what you mean here. SER can only submit to sites that it can identify. However the URLs don't have to be known by you or SER before importing them.

    2. import & verify is no popup menu entry!?
    - urls are not submitted twice unless to the same page
    3. because it is faster as each site is identified by SER before posting. The "sorting in" process is doing that and not submitting.
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