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how can i import existing backlinks to tier 2 project

I have already built manually 40 PR9 links from high authority domains.
so I want to import them as existing backlinks to the project and use them for tier 2 building.


  • SvenSven
    right click on project->show urls->verified urls->right click again->import verified urls.
  • 1.can I build links from unknown platforms / engines by importing them into the project?

    2.where they are stored if I import & verify URLs from file global options >>advacned>>tool>>import & verify

    if the list stored in identified list,then if I use all global list to the project again all identified/verified submitted failed.

    what about duplicate posting? some links already built and exported to the global list from the same project
    if I clear URL cache to fix already parsed
    is the GSA post again on the same page more than once?

    I am not enabled Allow post again on the same site.

    why importing target urls directly to the project not identifies platform & engine?

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