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Emails are stuck at Waiting for verification

clickitizeclickitize New York
I am seeing that after the recent updates that I am getting "Waiting for verification" on all my project submitted links.
I checked my email account set it to mark items as read when downloaded from pop3. And it seems the GSA SER is downloading them and marking them as read. Also I can see in GSA SER that any sub sequest email downloads say 

23:38:40: [ ] Verifying links...
23:38:40: [ ] Checking E-Mail [] for links (26 verifications waiting)...
23:38:41: [ ] No E-Mails to read on this account. Make sure you do not check/delete emails using your E-Mail-Client/Browser.
23:38:42: [ ] E-Mail Verification finished.
23:38:42: [ ] Verifying finished (26 checks done)

If I am reading this right then there are no more emails to be downloaded.
I also validated if I received the validation email and it is there with the link to the site.
However when I go into GSA SER and checkout the submitted list, it still says that its waiting for validation. If is doing this even to sites on my verified lists.

What could be the issue here?


  • SvenSven
    1st SER can not mark anything as being red. It's a pop3 protocol where you login, check how many emails, read or delete. That protocol does not have anything like mark as read. Thats happening by your email client locally.

    2nd the issue you might have is that you login with your email client which usually deletes all emails once downloaded. Then SER can not read emails and preform verifications.
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