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Select Random Word/Words From Article as Anchors

edited March 2016 in Feature Requests
Since anchors are not that important anymore and can do more harm than good if forced, it would be a good idea to have the option in GSA SER to select any word/words in the article as anchor. This option can be added in the Data tab and be added as percentage(just as the "Partial match anchor text", "Branding anchor text", "LSI anchor text".. etc).

An optional setting for this feature would be: Select how many words should GSA SER try to put in anchor (between X and Y). X and Y should be selected by the user.

If there's a way to do this currently I apologize and I'm looking forward to hearing the solution. :)

Best Answers

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    And to make it more readable you have the option to add a sentence to the content which will look most readable and natural. You can still use any anchor you want in options + you can change the sentence ahto_anchor*.dat file.
    Anyway I might add this but Im still not convinced.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    next version lets you choose "Random word/phrase" in article manager options "how to link".


  • SvenSven
    Sorry but this is nothing I would like to add. However you can do that by defining anchor texts through macros and take them from a file with all kinds of words in it. Though nothing I would like to do.
  • May I ask why is something you wouldn't do? I mean it's a whole different approach to placing random anchors and it's the most natural way of doing things automatically. The current options are either destroying the flow of an article by placing a non-related keyword randomly or make it sound unnatural by adding a sentence that repeats over and over again throughout all articles until it turns into a footprint.

    The proposed solution is automatic, fast and elegant. It keeps things natural and it's impossible to leave a footprint. I'm really puzzled why would you turn this down without any room for consideration @sven.
  • SvenSven
    I explained it, I have my reasons not to add this as I think it's just stupid choosing a random word and making it link to your website. It could do much more harm to your SEO than good.

    And the sentence you insert can be changed you you as well, so it doesn't have to be a footprint as you call it.

    I put so much effort into creating natural looking articles right now with correct paragraphs, image placements (if you use mix articles) and the linking with main/authority links and now everyhting doesn't count anymore and you guys want random garbage? Sorry, I can not belief that this is useful for anything but negative SEO.
  • edited March 2016
    Of course it will do negative SEO if used 100% just as if you use the main keyword as anchor 100% or if you use only generic keywords 100%. The idea of having random keywords as anchros is to diversify them. It most certainly won't be used in 100% of the anchors. It is a much better solution to diversify with random keywords that are already in the article instead of interrupting the flow of the article by adding random words like: click here, visit website etc.. which are used by the whole internet.

    SEO Content Machine has an option to place anchors on random words throughout an article and I have tried it and in my results it worked great. But since SEO CM prepares the articles before posting the randomly chosen word as anchor is static in the article. SER, on the other hand, can choose a new random word as anchor on every posted url with the same article.

    So diversifying anchors by this solution would be quick, easy and without having to prepare the article first. Maybe you don't like the sound of random, but it is still a step up from repeating sentences and overused generic words. I still think it's the only way to diversify things in the most natural way by keeping the article readable and whole.

    EDIT: I should also point out that it would choose random phrases as well(combining a few words) if a word length of 20 is chosen for example. Lager phrases are often used as anchors in the real world and it's something most SEOs often forget to cover in their anchor percentage.
  • Would love if GSA supported this instead of having to rely on SCM.

    @sven this in no way can do negative seo. If I wanted negative SEO i would spam direct anchors to trigger some anchor overoptimization. Not diversify the link profile making it look more natural :)
  • SvenSven
    I can really not imagine that a random word from an article (proabably usually stop words) could make any sense in SEO. Im no SEO expert but this all sounds way to unnatural for me.
  • przamundaprzamunda Madrid
    edited March 2016
    I agree with everything  @spiritfly  said
  • @Sven

    What's funny is that these guys arent listening- you proposed a realistic solution that @przamunda and co. could implement right away, that takes just a bit more work, yet they keep pushing back asking you why you don't want to do it. 

    Hey guys, just do exactly what he said, or just compile a list of random words you want to include as anchor text and set them in with your primary anchor text list. Easy. I could do that in 5 mins.
  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp You can do what @spiritfly ;said without interrupting the flow of the article? Show us an example.

  • edited March 2016
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp I think you are being confused. The proposed solution by @sven is using an enormous pool of random words as anchors, but the way they are inserted in the text stays the same and that is: it puts an anchor/link BETWEEN any words on a random location which will make that sentence unreadable and sketchy whatever the anchor you choose.

    The idea to choose random word/phrase won't mess up the article in any way! Yes, the anchor choosing may have some hits and misses, but the meaning of the article will stay intact. No illogical sentences, especially not around the anchor where it matters the most.



    I like GSA SER because it's a lovely tool for ranking websites fast.


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    Current way of link insertion:

    I like GSA SER because it's a lovely tool for ranking SEO Tool websites fast.

    My proposed idea:

    I like GSA SER because it's a lovely tool for ranking websites fast.

    - Bolded is the randomly chosen anchor.

    I've intentionally chosen the worst case scenarios on both examples, but notice the difference. You can see the unnatural anchor insertion from the sky in the first example while in the second, you really have to click the link to see if it's not in the context with the wording the anchor. The point I'm making is: a miss with choosing a random word/phrase as anchor won't look as bad and will not happen as often as a miss with just dropping an unrelated word between two words.

    @Sven I really don't want to be a drag with this feature. I think it will be of a great help for diversifying things and that's it. It certainly isn't a game changer although I don't know of any other tool which posts anchors this way. So if it requires time to implement or you have any other obstructions just forget about it.
  • SvenSven
    But it could also link like:
    I like GSA SER because it's a lovely tool for ranking websites fast.
    I like GSA SER because it's a lovely tool for ranking websites fast.
    I like GSA SER because it's a lovely tool for ranking websites fast.
    ...that looks so unnatural in my eyes.
  • So you would have to add a blacklist for those type of words?
  • Yes it does look a bit unnatural, but nothing too obvious. Some novice webmaster would actually link like that.

    And, it's still way better than:

    I like GSA SER because it's a lovely tool for SEO Tool ranking websites fast.
    I like GSA SER because SEO Tool it's a lovely tool for ranking websites fast.
    I SEO Tool like GSA SER because it's a lovely tool for ranking websites fast.

    These examples just scream SPAM miles away, wouldn't you agree? :)

    From my experience, if I were an editor for an article directory and someone submits both type of anchors, I could overlook your given examples if the linked url is ok, but the three above I've posted I would send it to the spam bin lightning fast. :)
  • edited March 2016
    Adding a sentence will surely improve readability if done right, but it has a few drawbacks:

    1. You have to plan writing articles and especially the sentences so they can be added anywhere in the article without interrupting the flow of the article. After all the sentences are added randomly again.
    2. You have to write A LOT of sentences to avoid repetition. This means spending a lot of time on each article for each project.
    3. Even if you're using custom sentences it's hard to make them sound natural and right for every anchor from the anchors field in SER.

    So basically it is a lot harder to produce content for a project this way. Sometimes you just want to throw a few links here and there quickly without spending too much time, but you still want to post to quality sites where you would need to be approved. This solves this problem. Then there is the issue with diversity. My suggestion can diversify anchors quite a bit. A 10% random words anchors would significantly diversify and make things a bit more natural.

    Look I'm not saying the current options do not work or are bad. In fact the custom sentences are the closest one can get to looking natural with automated posting. Picking random words throughout the article would be used more for diversification than as a main strategy to build links and that's obvious. But the more options to diversify things the less footprints and less footprints = better.
  • Isnt it enough to link clear urls as anchors?
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