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need help


i need some help as i'm not sure how to do it

i want to be able to find forums/forum posts where a cretin sentence was used

for example , "fearing the dentist"  , how can i use GSA to search for those forums and only find the 2 words together?  i have tried a few diffrent ways, but i end up with lists of sites where both words appear, but not together, so it's not really related to my niche
(for example i'm looking for "fearing the dentist" and i get a forum post about dentists fearing for their life or something like that)

help would be really appriciated.



  • SvenSven
    Oh well you are sure that there are many forums with that phrase on it? You can e.g. do a custom search with that using Options->Advanced->tools->search...
    Then build site lists or save to a custom file so it would get you all the sites with that on it. But I guess it is not getting you much targets.
  • Hey Seven,

    yeah, i have done that, but it find all the forum posts where both words appear, in 1 reply it got the word fearing, and in the other it has dentist, but it's not in the same context as what i need,  i need a way to find posts where both words are together

    is there some kind of format i need to place the keyword in the txt file so it will only find the posts were both words are attached? i have tried " " but it didn't make any difference

  • SvenSven
    you have to put that in quotes yes and it should work.
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