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Unable to use DeathbyCaptcha

Hello All,

I recently purchased Captcha Breaker & set it as the 1st captcha service & then set DeathbyCaptcha as the 2nd service. When i test DeathbyCaptcha from the Options section, GSA ser notifies me by stating: Your host file is modified. This is usually done by CaptchaBreaker to redirect captcha queries to its own.

& then I have noticed that Ser doesnt use DeathbyCaptcha service at all. When I turn off Captcha Breaker, the issue is resolved but i would need Captcha Breaker.

Any help will be appreciated.


  • SvenSven
    Well Captcha Breaker uses by default an option to simulate DeathByCaptcha service. You have to disable that in options as the error messages from SER says.
  • thanks Sven. Its working now :)

    I have a different question for tier backlinks.
    I am creating a tier 2 which will backlink to tier 1 (Tier 1 has 600 links).
    The tier 2 settings are in such a way that it will create 4 links per url of Tier1. So, Tier 2 should create 2400 links.
    For a couple of hours, it works fine & then gsa ser displays the download errors, or connection errors.

    I have changed the proxy & email ids too but to no avail.

    After using ser for over a year & i realized that my tier 2 was not making enough links. Please advise.
  • SvenSven
    sorry but I have no idea what error you mean now. Please paste some log lines.
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