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Are you using %spinfolder% yet?

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As a long time user of GSA SER, I felt that I should explain to those that are new on the forum, the power of spinfolders. Using spinfolders, you can assign a random file from the folder and then use that as content. Check out this section in the GSA SER manual for reference.

Okay Eric, so why is this so important? Well, instead of creating content for the various fields in a GSA SER project each and every time, we can create templated projects. The templated projects should be organized by the type of content they require. 

For example, we might create several templates, that utilize the following content libraries:
  • Health and Beauty
  • Business Opportunities
  • Financial
  • Dating
  • Gambling
  • Forex
These templates specify a path to the content we've generated in these content libraries to autofill the fields GSA SER requires for each field.

This becomes very important to SEO's that are in high volume shops. Instead of spending hours creating projects 1 by 1, we utilize templates and content libraries and make our jobs simpler.

I have taken this concept one step further by creating a piece of software called GSA SER Project Generator. It supports the bulk creation of projects from a .CSV file. This allows me to generate 100's of projects in various niches with the click of button.

Today I wanted to open this thread to get a feel for how many of you are using spinfolders so that I could decide on whether to offer this software to the community free. Please comment in this thread so that I may guage everyone's interest.



  • I would love to have access to this software. If you make it available I will definitely use it. Thanks!
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    @arc323, I released an earlier version of this to the community a couple of years back. Here's a recent video I made demonstrating its capabilities.

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