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Is there a way to sort different engine types into seperate folders?

Is there a way to further sort identified target urls into specific folders by their general engines type. ie.

Article >> All identified Article url txt files into a separate folder title Article
Blog Comment >> All Blog Comment article url txt files into a separate folder Blog Comment
Directory >> All identified Directory url txt files into a separate folder title Directory

etc for all engine types...


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    You wouldn't be able to do that with one project. You would have to create a new project for each type of platform you want to save separately. 

    So if you wanted blogs in one folder, you would create a new project and in the "filter by engines" options you would select only the blog comment category. In that project you would set it to the directory you want to save it. 

    Then you would repeat the process for the other engines you want to save in other folders.

    However, Pi will save each engine in its own text file so if you open the identified folder you will see everything is separated into its own category anyways like SER global site lists.

  • webdevelaccwebdevelacc Vancouver Canada
    Hi, yes. I see that now. I had GSA Platform Identifier checked to save the individual engine txt file names without the their engine type.

    Once I switch over that I am able to move the different engine txt files over to individual folders very easily.
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