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Update broke Rediff Mail Verification

It's one of the updates - I usually update the GSA like once every few months due to errors like this breaking parts I actually use.

Anywho - I was dumb today and hit update - and now Rediff mail isn't working. Pathway isn't logging in/verifying/recognizing accounts.

I have old ass legacy accs I made ages ago with my own maker when Rediff was still pre-verif - and they've been working fine for a long time now - so plz fix pathway for Rediff so I can use em again. Old campaign rediffs arent being recognized either - and I run checks daily so yeah, its the update I downloaded like a fool today. Plz fix. Thanks.


  • You can run older version... check in your ser folder...
  • SvenSven
    thisoldhat please send me an account that is no longer working for you in pm. Im not aware of changes I did that could break a particular email provider.
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