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POP3 Login failed - ERR Rate limit exceeded

I bought emails from @BanditIM store (as they seem to be the only option for Ser there).
After an hour of running, all projects are full of the error message: POP3 Login failed - ERR Rate limit exceeded

@Sven is it a problem with Ser or with the accounts? 

Anyone can suggest what emails to use without errors? thanks


  • SvenSven
    this is a pop3 error message. I have no idea what the meaning behind that is.
  • donchinodonchino
    I googled a bit and seems it might be too many requests to pop3 server. I turned on to use proxies for email, also set the wait time between pop3 server logins to 900sec. I'll see if that helps.

    Maybe @BanditIM can advise.
  • I would use It seems to be the best right now for SER. Plus you probably paying too much for them. You can get them from buyaccs for way way cheaper.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    @donchino - I've never heard this one from any of my many SER customers, but my advise would just be to purchase and use more emails probably. Maybe added some limits, so you may need more emails now per project that SER can rotate between.

    Edit: I just saw you mentioned you bought Rambler -- I recommend these days for GSA SER, they seem to perform the best.
  • donchinodonchino
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp I got no spam accounts but after a day, all projects show error: POP3 Login failed - ERR Access to ... denied because your password has been compromised. Please log in to your mailbox at and follow instructions.

    Maybe the accounts are done with russian IP and now with US IP they get blocked? In that case pretty useless
  • @donchino

    I get that if i use the same emails across projects, you have bots trying to log in from different proxy locations, thats why. You gotta buy them and then have different emails per project
  • donchinodonchino
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp I use only different emails per project, so this can't be the case. 
    But proxies are necessary? I also set it to log in only once in 15min (per account). Is it better to set this time per pop3 server? I use up to 50 accounts per project.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    @BanditIM Same thing with i bought 300 of them.. and from the beginning they had this issue.. I have no proxies on it. each project has 17 of them.. and i checked the 900 seconds but no luck :( 

    ill stick with my yahoo mails GSA recommends on the email account section, bit more expensive.. but ordered 1000 7 months ago and can still get around 200 working out of it.. the only annoying thing is have to recheck a 1000 mailing list, got lazy and bought a quick 300 from bandit.. the yahoo mails are amazing to be honest.. gonna buy another 1k from them

  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Just loaded them up, and it's good to see my projects without the red warning messages :D
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