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Not solving FAST and Successfully as i was hoping..

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im not biased towards either program as i own both and i know captcha breaker is newer and is improving daily but it seems to have a huge flaw.. it doesnt solve as well as i get with captcha sniper.. im not sure if its from nohandsseo or not, my next troubleshooting step is to stop nohandsseo but ive been doing extensive testing on both Captcha Breaker latest version and CSx3 all latest versions of all software... 

Ive only been getting like
20%-40% success rate with captcha breaker, and when I close it and reopen the
latest captca sniper x3 is solves like 70% and solves a lot faster…. Im using
Nohandsseo not sure if captcha breaker needs more support for that program they have a free trial
if you want to test it out. Just tick the use captca breaker box and save and
it allows u to use only 1 or the other of Captcha Sniper X3 or Captcha Breaker
1.57.  also do you guys and the ones from the user share if they are
better success then the default ones. And if I use SDK to brute force and
improve captchas and save them do they get overwritten when I install updates
?? it just seems like captcha breaker isn’t solving at a high success rate at
all… ive tested it at various thread amounts in both GSA Search engine ranker
and nohandsseo between 30-80 threads in both and it still is running really
low….  I have tried about 20 different setting adjustments since the day
captcha breaker was released… ive been using captcha sniper for over 6 months
daily now and its solve is super FAST… I think all the fancy graphics may slow
down the software or something. Plus if you look at my screenshot the right
side is always white there is nothing that ever appears in that box. Im using
Server 2012 on a VPS server from Superb hosting and it comes with 100% SLA
Guarantee not to lose ANY  packets! ..  I think you really need to
install nohandsseo and try it out and see what I mean.. Ive seen posting on
some forums im on and several people are seeing faster more success rate with
Captcha sniper x3… I was expecting more from captcha breaker I know its new and
will probably be improved and blow away captcha sniper but as of right now its
not solving as well….. I think the database needs to be tweaked quite a bit and
the program to solve and not consume so much cpu power…   

hopefully the next update solves captchas alot FASTER/More Sucess Rates/ supports Nohandsseo better and uses less resources.. between GSA SER AND GSA Captcha Breaker it uses like 100% of my dual core Windows server 2012 VPS... 


  • Not gonna lie,  with this big font your post was the hardest post i've ever read.  I had to force myself to read it. ;/
  • there ya go fixed it didnt realize lol i have a huge monitor
  • Click Options, take another picture and let me see your settings.
    today i am at 89% solved captchas and with an avg solving time 0.62

  • Thanks for fixing it.  A lot easier to read now. :)
  • SvenSven

    Is this a pro CS task you are running, you send this message to me several times by email. I don't know what you are hoping to get from me now.

    The problem with solved stats from CS and CB is the following...

    CS will reply with a solution whenever there OCR is giving out a result. And thats seen as solved.

    For CB it is checked against several things (charset, defined max/min length, must have filter...). If that is not matching, it is not seen as solved. However this is in my eyes more correct than giving back some obviously wrong reply. So yes the solve rate might be lower but overall the correct answers are equal or as I have seen much higher than in CS.

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