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Custom indexer

I want to create engine that will send all the verified urls from TIER1

To my custom indexer, via POST request.

The point is, how to retrieve all the urls (all at once) from another project and submit them in a form?
(im creating projects with my software so its not an issue to work on the variables)
The idea i have now is,

Project Tier1:
export verified=C:\projectname.txt|0|0|1

Project Tier2:

post data=%file-%verified_urls%%

Question nr.1 is this macro in step1 going to crash (its variable inside a macro)? 
Question nr. 2 can you find a better way to do it?


  • SvenSven
    you have to use $file-%verified_urls%$
  • @Sven
    can I use this format in defferent cases & other macros?
  • SvenSven
    sure, it's as always usable everywhere. Though might not be working for the Test/Preview as it is too advanced.
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