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Death by Captcha will not retrieve balance

Hello, Every time I try to get balance for DBC lately, it errors and says...

Error: Unable to get balance.

Is it still working or what?



  • same for me..... since yesterday
  • edited February 2016
    Just start againt to work.... Restart gsa

  • Hey guys, 

    I'm a rep. from DBC and I can help you out. 

    Please let me know your account username through PM if you ever face this issue again. I'll be more than happy to assist you. 

    Let me know for any other question or concern. 

    Best Regards, 

  • I stopped using DBC like 6 months ago, and nothing has changed. Don't think its nessecarily that important.
  • DBC stop again this morning....
  • the same to me. dbc can not get the balance and stop work for me.
  • start and stop.... today is down.... yesterday was working.... so....
  • Hey guys, 

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the issues that you're facing with our service.

    Please provide us the following information about your current setup/issues. Please send me through PM: 
    1. Account username
    2. IP address from where you're sending the requests
    3. If possible, run a Fiddler session on your PC while submitting CAPTCHAs and forward us the diagnostic file. 

    If you need a hand with anything else, please let me know. 

    Best Regards,
  • same here. i send you a PM.
  • @deathbycaptcha it started working again, but now it's broken.
  • And broken against....
  • Try 2captcha or antigate much better
  • mine works one day and then not the next, I think Ill buy elsewhere
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Problem is antigate doesnt do the new recaptchas yet, but DBC does. Don't know why its taking them so long to add support for them
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