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Is Reverse Proxies OCR is down or is it just me who is facing this issue?

serseisersei Mumbai
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I tried testing the connection to Reverse Proxies OCR and it keeps showing an error that says "<head> Bad Gateway </head>" I'm assuming that there is some issue with the service itself and there is nothing wrong going on with my account or my VPS because CB and Captchatronix seems to be working just fine. 

Plus, Reverse Proxies support is very slow. Been 2 days since I sent them the message about this and still waiting to get a reply. Very bad. 

Are you guys too facing the same issue?


  • shaunshaun
    I noticed the same issue today.

    Going to look for a new OCR solution for ReCaptcha and Drupal I think, as you said RP support is shocking.
  • Captchatronix seems good. Their support is not the fastest, but they do get back to you within 24 hours which is good. 
  • Same issue here.. I hope they respond quickly.. i haved to stop my gsa.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    It's been down for me for 2 days now and no response from Alex on Skype.
  • Where is he?
  • shaunshaun
    sersei are you tracking CaptchaTronix success rates with Drupal and ReCaptchas? I used to and was around 30-40% with them. With Reverse Proxies OCR I get 88-90% success.

    I am thinking of trying that blasing OCR but in two minds as I have used some of their services in the past and they just randomly seem to be discontinued.
  • @shaun: Yup, you are right. With captchatronix it is around 30-40% but for me, customer support is huge deal because of these issues. And so I wouldn't mind working with that percentage, rather than get 88-90% and no customer support during these times. 

    Plus, if you're combining captchatronix with CB, you should be good. I'm doing that and things are looking like sunshine and rainbows here :)
  • Reverse Proxies OCR is not working and there was no answer from the support
  • It seems it is working fine now.
  • Okay now I think captchatronix might not be the best thing in the town for recaptcha because of the rock bottom vpm that I'm getting right now. And I can't log into reverse proxies from GSA. Any alternatives to reverse proxies ocr that you guys might have that you know gets identical success rate? (80-90%)
  • shaunshaun
    sersei The best way to think of captchatronix is a SaaS version of GSA CB, is it NOT a ReCaptcha/Drupal captcha solver like Reverse Proxies OCR. Captchatronix just rips people off in my opinion.

    It looks like you have worked out that their product sucks but they have better customer support.
  • @shaun: Yup. You're right. I'm thinking of going with Blazing OCR but their success rate is very low. Is Reverse Proxies OCR the only best recaptcha solving software out there?

    Just want to know coz you seem to be more experienced with this stuff than me. 
  • Beginning, 3 days ago, I have sent 2 notices so far to Reverse Proxies OCR notifying support that re-captcha solving service stopped working...I love this service.  But, I have not received the customary response from support at all in the usual timely manner.  I have a feeling that the owner is experiencing serious health issues once again.
  • shaunshaun
    I havent tried Blazing yet, I am checking out a few different ones and will start trying them out next week I think.
  • @shaun: Would you mind keeping us updated? I know it is easy to forget but as you get the chance, just leave a little post about this is working this way and that.
  • shaunshaun
    yea will do, if Reverse Proxies stays stable I will just stay with them. 
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