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Huge Article Surplus -- $1.99 for 800 words -- 5 Second Article Delivery -- Zero Spinning

Enter "blackhatdiscount" for 50% off

Enter "blackhatdiscount" for 50% off
New Feature: Also, Get all files in an HTML ready format 


Can I buy more than 50 articles at once?
Yes. We can handle purchases of 1000's of articles but require you to fill out this form Custom Order

What do you mean by 800-word and 1700-word average articles?
There are two article lengths to pick from: 500-1200 words and 1200 to 3000 words. On average, they contain 800 and 1700 words respectively. The 1700 word average articles are about 10% cheaper per 100 words compared to the 800 word avearge articles.

What is your TAT?
We write articles in advanced for you so that they can be delivered instantly. 

What is the quality of your articles?
You can view samples here
Each article is uniquely written. Topics are heavily researched by analyzing over 10 thousand articles on each topic. We then match the keyword density of Google's top 10 results. This can result in medium quality articles that can be used on any website and are ideal for Google's spiders. 

You don't have the topic I am in need of, what can I do?
We are adding new topics weekly and new articles daily. If we don't have the topic you are looking for please fill out this form Suggest a Niche

How unique are your articles?
Most articles are 100% unique on Copyscape

Skype Contact: pauldemott

NEW Topics Daily



  • We would like to announce since our last posting that we have added 5 more topics. Additionally, 

  • We like to announce that we now have many more topics now available:

    • General Haelth
    • Aging
    • Fitness
    • Weight Loss
    • Nutrition
    • Women's Health
    • Skin Care
    • Skin Tags
    • Lip Care & Makup
    • Beauty & Facial Appearance
    • General Hair Care
    • Investment
    • Stock Market
    • Forex Trading
    • Online Money making
    • Coupon & Promocodes
    • Student Loans & Consolidation
    • Real Estate
    • Car Insurance

    We will continue to add more topics daily. You can see a list of all topics here. 
  • It would be interesting to read about forex trading, it's very popular and I came across articles and news about it. I even found some tutorials on and watch them, though I'm not sure I'll be able to trade. 
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