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VPS problem

I just got a notice that my account was being suspended with  Solid seo vps. I am using 20 simi private proxies is that enough or should I use private proxies instaed?


  • private proxies are better
  • SvenSven
    I would say you are having some strange oroxy setup which would still leak your IP. Please make screenshots of your proxy config to judge about it (if thats even possible now).
  • Ok they just un-suspended my account. However, They show on  Jan 16th and Feb 16   my ip showed up 111 time on a  stop spam site.  My  simi- private proxies  expired on the 20th which may have contributed to the problem? I'm a little afraid on what to do.  So I just added 20 simi-private proxies (fresh) to GSA and monitor this closely. When I add my simi-proxies i add them  along to the proxies that GSA scrapes?
  • Maybe you have a bad proxy provider. I would suggest you go w Buyproxies
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    You shouldnt worry, as long as you respond to the abuse tickets you will always be fine, we always help also on adjusting your proxies if needed
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