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Combine gsa search engine with gsa url redirect

 Inside gsa url redirect I can write an url and get redirect urls from the main url. That´s great, but how do I combine that with gsa search engine? Inside gsa search engine under index, I can check a box called gsa url redirect which is fine but does that combine the 2 softwares? and if it does how can I then run forinstens 4 projects inside gsa search engine and at the same time make sure that gsa redirect use the links for the right project (since there are 4 different projects) ?

By the way, I didn´t got much out of reading the help manual for gsa url redirect. 


  • SvenSven
    When you use the option in Search Engine Ranker (SER) to send verified URLs to URL Redirect Pro (URP), then it is creating redirects to that URLs. Thats however only useful if you do something with the links from URP afterwards. Again a SEO perspective.

    Another way is to create the links in URP and then send them to SER which will work in another way.

    1. Let URP create reports for each submission and point it to a folder where it should store the file (e.g. c:\temp\urls.txt)
    2. in SER -> edit project- >URL you let it load URLs from a file using a macro like %file-c:\temp\urls.txt%

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