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Captcha problem

While solving captchas manually, sometimes I encounter a different type of captcha than what is actually used in the site. And most of the time the captchas I get are hard to solve even manually than what is on the site. For eg, 
this is what is on the site.


But this is what I get in the popup



  • yeah looks like straight from massage parlour, mangled, twisted and ready for bed
  • SvenSven
    captchas in a browser are usually loaded differently that in SER. Recaptcha recognises this and delivers different types of captchas to you. In SER you will also get easier captchas but they get harder each time you fail answering or spam to much.
  • Captchas are getting intelligent and better at spam protection. Another thing that I have noticed is that some sites do not even have a captcha when viewed from a browser but SER asks for a captcha! Why cant SER simulate a browser environment? Will it become more memory intensive?
  • SvenSven
    SER would have to execute javascript. Thats something I don't want to add as it costs a lot cpu time and also makes it vulnatable for virus/trojan attacks.
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