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The Formal Association of GSA-SER Experts

Hey guys, 

I have been thinking about all the completely shit advice out there and it's dawned on me that I would like to create a formalized group of people who actually know GSA SER, and would be a sort of expert pool of people out there that could provide such a service honestly to people who need it. There is so much shit on Fiverr, BHW, and other such cesspools of the internet where people lie, scam, and act like they know what they are talking about. I really hate to see such activity, people claiming to get PR+9 links and stuff like that- it just really bothers me. 

So what I am proposing is we create a formalized group of experts, people who can be trusted, people who are honest and hardworking, etc. This wont be an inclusive group, there will be strict restrictions for membership. I want just the best of the best and to create a global group of kickass people. There are probably a handful of people I already know on here that I would be interested in bringing this group together with, those people know who they are already though (pm me).

Anyways, this sort of group would have some sort of entrance parameters that prospective members would need to meet in order to be considered as a part of the group. So, those people on here WHO ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE talking about (couple of you are in the PBN thread,Trev., etc.) send me a PM and let's get going with this.  



  • shaunshaun

    Excellent idea, there is so much crap out there about SER. I have helped a fair few people one on one via team viewer and stuff the past few month. Been offered hundreds of dollars for further coaching but I just don't have the time to help them.

    Having something like this to reffer people to would be a good idea.
  • kach_1kach_1 c
    edited February 2016
    Yes that is great idea. I was also planning to form SEO group like that on BHW but my post got deleted by the admin.. We can create skype group with controlled limited access.

    Something like:

    If you want to join this group, you must record a video with smartphone showing payment History and upload that video to Youtube with unlisted status. Name of the video should call Payment History (skype name). If you prove that you have earned more than 10k$ all time earnings you will be accepted to the group.

    It’s not enough to send the screenshot because noobs know how to fake numbers.

    Video proof showing all time earnings with 1-page refresh will be enough to enter the group.

    The reason why asking people to do this is because  to avoid new noobs that are starting IM and to avoid spam in the group with the unnecessary question like “what is SEO, how to host website etc..” Only to focus only on high quality conversation related to SEO just like you mention above. Also this is to avoid any potential scammers.

    I know this is maybe unusual approach but if you know better idea on how to control who get's in the group i'm listening.

  • Ill tell you something, it won't work =  there are always leechers
  • Not necessarily true, think about things like Network Cruisader, you get the good people in and then you tell everyone else they're too late.
  • First rule about Fight Club...
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Good luck
  • All of the information that I use for SER is on this forum already though, so not really sure what else you could bring to the party.
  • Agree with spunko2010
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