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CB Hanging

I've been running the same installation of CB for a couple of months. In the past couple of days it has just started hanging completely - taking 99% of CPU and not responding very well (it does occassionally respond but it's largely hung up).

I noticed that CB was hung up badly yesterday and that it had a notice about an upgrade. I upgraded and the hang seems even worse now - it basically hangs when it starts now. On occasion I can get it to start up and serve out a few Captchas but it tanks out within minutes.

It's on a dedicated (and clean) Windows 2012 Server box.

Any advice???


  • Further Update. 

    I have turned off the main VM that we are using and I have returned to using my old test VM, which is running v3.16 of CB. It is running just fine - screams along with Avg. Time for solving of 0.036s.

    On the v3.19 system (my deployed server) we are seeing HUGE differences in solve times but the vast majority are over 1.0s

  • further update: I uploaded a .gcb file from the working VM and added it in - things are screaming fast again. 

    Does the software automatically update the definition (.gcb) files? Perhaps that main one that we are using was broken recently?
  • SvenSven
    hmm what captcha types have had that big delay?
  • amazon
  • SvenSven
    ok but that should not have any big delay on analyzing. Can you make a screenshot next time?
  • will do!
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