Huge Bug with #file Macro

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Hi, For some reason GSA #file macro is buggy. I let it run for an entire week straight just to make sure and some of my links are showing up with no content.

As you can see, the entire content is missing. I check the URL were GSA is grabbing the content off my server and the URL is fine. I don't see any timeout's or anything. This seems to happen at random, I would say 1 out of every 10 links.

@Sven could you make it so GSA verify's that it actually grabbed content from the server before it process's any further? If it notices that no content was grabbed GSA will then retry for X amount of try's before giving up (X = the amount of time the user specify's before giving up).


  • SvenSven
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    Well I can make it try more than once but I don't want another option here.

    What is the TEST showing? Is that showing the content? If so it might be indeed a temp problem on your server or proxies, else send me a project backup.

    Oh and please choose a more sensitive topic, for you guys everything is a bug and than again its the end its usually something else. Just saying...

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    When I was referring to options I meant something like this:(ex. #file[ r=10] ) so that means it will try 10 times and if it still cannot retrieve the content it will simply move on. But which ever most is convent for you, as long as GSA tries more than once and actually checks to see if there is content before placing a link.

    I understand what you mean with the topic titles also. The reason I said it was a "Huge" problem was simply for the fact that it would effect your SEO efforts (should of been more specific).

    For example, lets say your doing a 6-7 tier structure if GSA is not able to pull content for just one article in the tier, the whole tier would be rendered useless since that 1 article would never get index by google since it obviously had no content and all 7 links would go down the drain because the tier would not link back to the money site. If using a third party captcha service, that small problem would cost you allot of money.

    Also, I was not sure how well you coded the settings for #file macro. I thought you might have over looked the fact that some server request might get delayed or even receive an error/canceled by the server since most servers would not allow 100 simultaneous request at the same time (that's assuming the user is using 100 threads since most people who run GSA on a VPS's is likely to use more threads)  thus the server might be allowing 25 simultaneous connections but if 100 threads are running and the sever is only allowing 25 connections at a given moment (not to mention, im not sure whether or not GSA even checks to see if it was able to obtain the content or not) it would make perfect since as to why GSA is giving links with no content, this is why X amount of retry's ( whether set by the user or set default by you) is needed as this will eliminate problems whether it be on the servers end or GSA end.
  • SvenSven
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    Next version will try by itself to get the content 3 times in a row. However I might as well add that r=10 thing.

    Anyway in the end it is no bug at all but a suggestion!

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    Sorry about that. I thought it would fall in the category of a bug.
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