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Case Study: Comparing The Top 3 GSA SER Proxy Providers

If you are running an instance of GSA Search Engine Ranker, then you know very well that you can’t do it effectively without amazing proxies. Today, I will be testing the top 3 GSA SER proxy providers – Storm Proxies, BuyProxies, and ReverseProxies.

Enjoy guys!



  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    I have over 200 confirmed GSA SER users, I would definitely say that I have more than 2 of those providers listed :)
  • @BanditIM I've used all of them and I can personally vouch for these guys. That is why I chose them for the tests. :)

    Cheers mate!
  • @inet_solutions hmmm how convenient that all 3 have affiliate programs for you to make money lol :D

    And for you to recommend reverseproxies is laughable. reverseproxies are bad...they have very bad support. if proxies go down you will wait for days for replacement.
  • that is the case with most proxy providers, support is not that fast. I have been using reverse proxies on and off for nearly year and a half, have had problems, delayed support but still their service is better.

  • @jvpr90 This is my master plan! I've been scouting for years until finally, 3 proxy providers had an affiliate program, except that ReverseProxies actually have no affiliate program as of now. U got me here mate. But don't worry, one day, you might make some money off the Internet (not with that attitude) and then you will shift your mindset from jealousy to inspiration.

    I have said it a billion times and I am sick of it, the main goal of my business is not to make money, but to bring value. Of course, without money, there would be no business, so I always try to find the perfect balance between those two before writing an article.

    I have never once promoted or reviewed a product/service that I have note tested and know that it is good + no one forces you to click on any links on our website. If you don't like what you see, press "Ctrl + W" and your pain will end.

    But remember this - you will get nowhere with this attitude. As for ReverseProxies' services, I have used them extensively in a previous company I was involved with and had no problems at all with them. Yes, support is not nearly as fast as it is with the other 2 proxy providers I included in the case study, but it is still OK for a proxy provider of their size.

    Again, this case study was to portrait proxy providers specifically for GSA SER and I have had great results with these 3 thus their inclusion in the article.

    Cheers mate!
  • @jpvr90

    OF COURSE he has affiliate programs. Everyone would if they had a site that had okay traffic like that. You obviously know what is and is not an affiliate link so just don't click on them or if you do clear cookies/cache before you buy anything...

    I know he has mostly affiliate links on his site, that's why I do not visit it anymore.
  • @ksatul Same here mate. But, I do not agree about the slow support. Have you tried BuyProxies? It's like they sit on their computers all day waiting for someone to send a support ticket. It's crazy.

  • buyproxies +1
  • inet_solutionsinet_solutions Bulgaria
    edited February 2016
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp You stopped visiting the site because of the affiliate links (insert laughter)? U can't resist clicking on them or something? Can u explain to me what your problem with affiliate links is? I'd like to understand this.

    Cheers mate!
  • Looks like he is not OK with your tutorials (these are made to make money but this is OK as you provide value to the users) but he is OK with ranking garbage affiliate websites (i never said that he ranks them) ? :D
  • 1. I just don't really need the info, nothing against aff. marketing or anything. You help a lot of people obviously who are new or just getting into things, no issue with that at all. 

    2. @andrzejek, whatever you just wrote there, doesn't even make sense. 

  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp Which proxy provider do u use mate?
  • @andrzejek Yea, can't go wrong with BuyProxies.

  • buyproxies is the sh1t - I was suprised about the speed of their support.

    reverseproxies... haven't tried their proxies, but their AntiCaptcha... sucks in my opinion.
  • Reverse proxies have very good products. Their back connect proxies are great and their ocr service is also very good. They just take long for support and don't have their system automated enough because the owner has to manually activate so much
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