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download failed (Aborted)

edited February 2016 in Bugs
Hi there,

I've got that message all the time. I've changed proxies as well and still the same, no backlinks.
Also, I've created a bug report.

Anyone in this situation?


  • SvenSven
    the reason for this abort should be in log as well. Usually because your connection is down or proxies are.
  • I got this message a lot when I first started using SER. After playing around with shared and public proxies I finally bought some good private ones. For example I found a site that gave you around 5,000 proxies for $8 per month. After constantly copy/pasting them into GSA  I found they would die in minutes. Plus, only about half of them would work when tested against bing. 

    Since I moved to private proxies my success rates have greatly improved. I'm not at 100+ LPM yet but I generally hover around 40-50 lpm using private proxies without those annoying download failed messages.
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