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GSA CB vs CaptchaTronix - Do i need both?

Right now I'm using CaptchaTronix as my primary captcha service but I was told that GSA CB is much faster and efficient because it is not a 3rd party service, which makes sense. My question is, if I purchase GSA CB, would I need CaptchaTronix or I will be able to survive without it? I think GSA CB cannot solve recaptcha which can be a downside. 


  • shaunshaun
    GSA CB is better in my oppinion, captcha tronix is just a SaaS version of the software but a monthly subscription so costs more over time. A guy I helped out from here is tracking his sucess rates with ReCaptcha and Drupal captcha at around 20% with it where as im getting 88-92% sucess rate using reverse proxies OCR for Recaptcha and Drupals.
  • So GSA CB and reverse proxies OCR is the best combination to make GSA SER a brutal ranking machine. 
  • serseisersei Mumbai
    edited February 2016
    I was testing both GSA CB and reverse proxies OCR and OCR has a better success rate than GSA CB. Maybe that's because most of the sites that I'm building links from use recaptcha? Who knows. 

    I think just using OCR should be more than enough to get a decent LpM/VpM. What do you guys say? Would you still invest in CB if you were in my shoes?
  • SvenSven
    I know my answer doesn't count much here as Im the developer of CB but you will agree that a one time payment for CB pays for itself soon. You will safe so much money on this and soon you have CB pay for itself.
  • You are absolutely right. 
  • CB paid for itself in the first week 2 years ago. :-)

    Since than it has been bonus. saved almost $4000 this month :-)
  • SvenSven
    @Sven << thinking of raising the price a bit ;P
  • more price, that means less competition for us. Good for us .

    I have been using gsa products for nearly 6 years and have had pretty amazing results for keywords bringing in around 500,000 searches a month on google Usa alone.

    @ sven Price decrease or discount on AWS?
  • @Sven Xrumer costs $500 + $10 per month, i woudnt mind that for SER, but thats a bit too late :(
  • SvenSven
    yes it's too late for such prices.
  • I'll go with GSA CB and reverse proxies as secondary recaptcha solver. 

    @Sven: Are you serious about increasing the price? I'll move fast then :)
  • edited February 2016

    Moving smartly is better.
    1. Out of monthly subscription solutions(reverse proxies, captcha tronix etc), which recaptcha solver is working well for you?.
  • For me reverse proxies is working best. 
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