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Some Q's regarding SER

edited February 2016 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
1) Can we run the submitting and scrapping engines seperately, one at a time?

2) While queing a captcha, if the captcha has expired, does SER rerequest the captcha?

3) Can SER fetch the new image recaptcha, if I want to solve manually, since all good websites have this type of captcha?

4) Just curious, apart from search engines, is there any other way to fetch engines use there any free crawler program which does not use search engines to crawl the web?

5) Can we have Moz DA instead of PR setting?


  • SvenSven
    1) You mean one project just collects URLs the other submits to them? Yes thats possible in setting different Statuses for the projects. You can also use the tool in options->advanced->Tools to add new URLs to the site lists

    2) Why should a captcha expire? SER submits things, sees the captcha, downloads it and either sends it to the service or queries the user to fill it. This should not take much time in a way that the captcha expires. If it does, then SER sees the submission being failed and if it sees that the captcha was the problem, it will try again.

    3) See point 2. Nothing different with recaptcha

    4) There are other ways how SER finds target URLs. E.g. it parses verified Guestbook entries and eventually sees URLs placed ther who are tiers to other customers projects with platforms SER can submit as well. But beside importing from bought URLs I see no other way than using search engines.

    5) Discussed here a long time with me having daubts about it as it is not free and the proxy way is too slow.
  • 3) I was talking about the new recaptcha image based captcha (see attached image). I dont see this in the popups for solving captchas.

  • SvenSven
    It's not support.
  • Will it support this type of captcha in future. Is there some technical difficulty? The sites using these image captchas are usually reputed sites.
  • @vin

    They are using those captcha's because right now they are really hard to automate. SO right now theres no support for it in SER CB.
  • ya, but I wish to solve it manually but they do not pop up manually as well.
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