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Tier 1/2/3 Content

Hello there guys,

I was wondering how many articles do you add in your Tier 1/2/3 campaigns? Let's say if you are creating over hundred of Web 2.0 with FCS or RankerX as your Tier 1 links, I suppose you need best manually spun content that is readable and not duplicate in order to pass manual review, but for Tier 2-3 you can blast over thousands of links and it's impossible to get thousands of unique articles it would be massive capital required. Does this means that you are blasting same articles in your Tier 2-3? 


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    This is what I do and it works still.
    Write it yourself or buy content.

    GetArticle (app) scrape articles from your kws (or use SCM which I"m moving to next).
    Bulk Spin with WordAi
    Check titles and spot check articles for any non-relevant ones.
    Write lots of titles and spin them (SCM does this I think but I like to do it myself)
    Place file on desktop of server
    Use 'spin-folder' macro to pull articles that are spyntax'd and have 500+ articles (millions of variations)'
    Spot check indexing rates now and again.

    Forget about content for that site for a year or more (some are 2+ years old).
  • The problem is my niches are not that much known and there is no many articles for it. I was thinking maybe of hiring some Philippines VA full time for $500 to produce me content for link building stuff. When i see people mention they build 500 Web 2.0, what kind of quality is that content, writing for me is not option and buying would require tons of cash.
  • I find that I can go fairly broad and yet still be relevant - can you give an example of your niche; not the exact one but something similar ie. underwater welding torches wouldn't have many articles to scrape but welding/marine/construction will do. Can you not look at slightly broader industries/topics?

    Other than that, yeah get yourself a freelancer or 10 and buy some content.
  • JudderMan           What about using Kontent Machine?  will that work even though it doesn't scrape article directories? Is that why you use SCM because it scrapes article directories?  Thanks in advance man.
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