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I am using gsa for 3 months on a very powerfull vps with 25 private proxies from blazingseo. Also cpahta service gsa caphta breaker  gsa link indexer plus+  indexification and also I am using gsa tier structure linking system. But up to now my site neither big gain nor drops like there is no linkbuilding .What is wrong with this system? What ı am doing wrong here? I am not blasting links directly to my money site. I am using the suggest tiered structure so what is the problem for gettin no effect here? I am investing too much monthly but getting nothing:((((


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Post some of your settings so we can see how to help. Are you scraping? Using verified lists? Need more info.
  • Hes probably using web 2.0 that are nofollow.
  • I am using verified links 3 months ago I got it from the  ser list. What settings are you asking all are ok and up to this week my lpm 30to 50 depends on campaigns. links builded and verified without problem but it is not helping to change any rankings. Here are my settings general .
  • any comment here .Everybody had succeeded except me ???
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited February 2016
    Oh sorry, thought you were saying you weren't getting any links built with SER, didn't know you were talking about rankings.

    SER is just one piece of the puzzle. There are many other factors that influence your rankings with some of the most important being on-page. It's hard to say without knowing anything at all about the keywords, site, and everything you did up until this point.

    Although that's probably not stuff you should share publicly (site info, keywords)

    I don't have time to review your site/niche/keywords atm though :(

    There's a lot of strategies posted on this forum and around other forums. Best thing is to read, experiment, and tweak until you start to see some results.

    Maybe some other's have some useful tips
  • Man start reading the threads on this forum and rethink your strategy to rank sites, like santos said SER is just a program it depends how you use it. Good luck.
  • vignesh676vignesh676 Mumbai,India
    @musapg: it seems that you are running your setup without having a proper validation to check whether things are working or not. My 2 cents advice is that if you have just started using the tool then I would recommend that instead of spending now on the VPS, install it on your PC and do the following things.

    1. Create smaller amount of links.
    2. Validate it daily by link verify option of GSA SER to check that links are not bad.
    3. Send to Indexer software that you already have like GSA indexer and indexification.
    4. Test whether the links are getting indexed. Study and do an analysis on which type of engine links are getting indexed faster and which ones are not.
    5. Check google webmaster daily to see whether google has identified your links and check the keywords for which you are getting impressions and their position.
    6. Try to build more links using the keywords with more impressions, as your anchor text.

    Once you have your own analytical data and are comfortable with what works and what does not, you can subscribe for a VPS and blast it with high lpm/vpm like others:-).

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