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Make unlimited captcha solving with just $14.95 a month fixed price!

Hi! has been around the market solving captchas for more than a year! And now we have a new offer...

Unlimited captcha solving for only $14.95 a month subscription. If interested visit


  • why does your homepage say 'free captcha solver'?
  • It's a marketing pitch, but we are going to change it to "Fast Captcha Solver". Anyway we are giving away 10 token balance upon sign-up.
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  • OCR system or human based solving? Do you solving new recaptchas with house&street names? Has unlimited solving mean totally no limit even no thread-used limits?
  • Hi,

    Yes, unlimited means no limit including no thread use limits. And NO we do not solve yet those types of captchas but will do in the future.

    Captcha Solutions
  • I've tried to contact several time on different platform, still not get any response.
    I'm interest in ultimate plan

    I haven't find any review yet, have any one tied their service?
  • What exactly would you like to ask or find out?
  • We are now developing our API for an upgrade to add AUDIO and Google's NoCaptcha captcha type support...

    Stay updated...
  • Hi. Inform us when you finish adding these. Also with the prices of unlimited plans which includes these new ones.
  • Audio captcha type support now added to API. Please see our API document for more information
  • captchasolutionscaptchasolutions Cebu City
    edited March 2016
    We have tested our audio captcha support and we found out that we cannot support audio captchas NOT UNLESS it is uploaded in .mp3 format.

    Though we plan to make a universal converter in the future, for now we can only accept .mp3 audio captcha files to break.

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  • Captcha Solutions now officially supports Google's ReCaptcha NoCaptcha and Audio captcha types... 

    It has been added
  • edited April 2016
    I have tried your service, not bad. But I see the price is 24.95, not 14.95 

    The strange thing is the hard reCaptcha is solved but the easy captcha images are not solved correctly. 

  • Hi We have changed our price since we have to re-upgrade our OCR and because of the demand we receive from our clients. If you feel you need to have a discount feel free to send us a support ticket
  • We have launched another wing for captcha solving... Text Captcha Decoder is online as part of visit and try a 1-day free trial subscription to see if it fits your needs...
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