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Joomla K2 module not working?

Hi Guys, 

Has there been some kind of update last night, because the Joomla K2 module just stopped working for me completely. The registration is working fine but during submission I am getting an error "Article not Found". Can someone please guide me with or that we have just lost a platform?

Please let me know if it working for anyone. 

Have a great day, 



  • SvenSven
    that article not found issue should be fixed in latest update
  • Hi Sven, 

    I am v10.49 and this is the error I am getting (screenshot below). 


    So the new update will fix this issue or I don't have the latest update?

    Please help, thanks again.

  • SvenSven
    made another update to 10.50
  • Sven, thanks a ton for the update, It fixed the issue and I am so happy. 
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