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Anyone Willing to Hop on Teamviewer with me and help me setup?

I know I asked for help in the other thread but I just can't seem to find out the reason why things are not working for me. The verification rate is very low compared to the submission rate. Also, it keeps submitting links to the same website over and over again even though there are more than 2k sites in the lists that I scraped. 

So, if any power user who is planning to spend 5mins of their time to grab that next bag of french fries, would you mind hopping on teamviewer with me and help me set things up? This would be a favour for me :)


  • vignesh676vignesh676 Mumbai,India
    Hi Sersei,

    1. You need to uncheck the schedule posting section in options tab to not post to same site again. you can check with the screen shots you had posted in an earlier question. you will understand about which section I am talking about.

    2. Wiki Sites need approval from webmasters before it is shown in the verified section and most of them are manual approvals. So this is working as expected.

    3. I would advice you to try different options by yourself as it will give you more insights on the power of the tool and you will slowly understand and realize what works and what does not work.

    4. There is a very good tutorial by inetsolutions on how to use GSA SER. Sorry I do not have the link. please do a search in this forum.

    5. You need to have patience in this game.

  • Yup. I found that tutorial and it is a pretty good one. 

    You're right though. If I don't try things out, I'll never know the full potential of this software which will be kind of a bummer. 

    Thanks for putting me on the right track. 

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