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i made the test rank of ahrefs and i had an interesting dialog with them , why doesnt rank higher?

Hello i have buy the gsa ranker , my opinion is that is a very nice tool . 
This witch i want to ask is that while i have make a lot of hight Page Rank backlinks the most of them are 6 pagerank and more .. Includes .gov .edu backlinks So the problem is tha when i make the test on to see the results , my global position is the always near to 30.000.000 , I had asked the support of ahrefs , why happen that while they indexed my backlinks and all of these are high page rank ? And they answer me that :

AR is based on Domain Rating and its increase/decrease is most often connected with losing or gaining some domains with backlinks 

So i dont know what else i have to do to increase my global rank and to make more organic trafic this i need , so i listen your opinion 


  • SvenSven
    make sure your links are getting index with either GSA SEO Indexer and/or a indexing service. Another option is adding a tier to the project for links in blog comments/guestbooks and so on.

    Anyway don't expect instant results. In the end G. decides if the content is good enough to get indexed or not.
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