Project not working after some time and stopping at 2 threads

hello, due to recent update i am tired now.

recently problem was software was not running at higher threads.

but now my project after some times consume 1 thread each project only.

and then if i click "stop" even still projects keeping running (that 1 thread) and soft can not be close even,..
i need to terminate soft by task manager,.

help plz


  • SvenSven
    In situations like that i's a good idea to click Help->Send/Create Bugreport. with a note to this thread. Then I can see what thread hangs in what situation.
  • Done. Plz see. Akash Patel is me
  • @Sven my problem still exist.. my each projects stucking in 1 thread after some time.. can you please help
  • SvenSven
    might be the captcha input box being in background (use alt+tab).
  • but i did not set it sir. user services for captchas. and for other options "select random" for option like textcaptcha @Sven sir
  • there is nothing in alt + tab... no input active...
  • i created 3 new projects... every new or tired projects have same issue...

    if i set project status to inactive still same... 1 thread per project active and stucked there
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    no need to spam this's 8pm here so give me some time to read and reply as well.

    anyway it would be nice if you can send another bugreport (help -> bugreport...) when you just see one thread being there doing nothing so I can debug things here. Again, make a note to this thread so I know what this is all about.
  • sorry i was curious.  all work stopped.

    i created a debug report. my license name is "Akash Patel"

  • SvenSven
    got the report...nothing unusual to see there but many threads you use here? You have very little memory on that PC and it might be a problem here.
  • i am using 1k threads ... 8 gb ram is always enough for this. i have 18GHz CPU

    8 cores,,,
  • SvenSven
    it's a 32bit program that can only access up to max. 4 gb 1024 threads might be a bit too much...I would use less and see how that works out.
  • 64 edition is there?
  • SvenSven
    sorry no
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