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Submissions or Verifications (And How Many A Day)

edited February 2013 in Other / Mixed
Just curious... I am assuming when trying to rank fairly new sites that people limit the number of submissions or verifications per day... my question is, which do you do (submissions or verifications) and how many do you limit it to?


  • Which platform? Blog comments, SB, sn, directories...... It varies on project but I usually limit by submissions because it can be a while before links become live (verified) and you can end up building too many backlinks too soon otherwise
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Agreed. You might set verifications to 10 per day, but it submits 10 000 to get those 10. and then the next day, the other 9000 get verified. So 10 verifieds day 1, and 9000 day 2. Could cause trouble. ;-)
  • I would not do more than { } (fill in random number between 1 - 1000 ) a day..
  • How many submissions do you guys do?
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