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Fcsnetworker and catchall emails

I am posting here because their forum is dead. 

Anyone know how to use catchall email with the account creator?




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    Actually I've had a lot of people lately ask me the same question. Now I don't own FCS but I've used it like 2 years ago and I've found some screenshots of their current account creator and I can tell you from that.
    1. Email Verifier Settings  - enter your catchall settings there (Email Username usually looks something like, you should know the rest if you're running catchalls yourself or they should be provided by your catchall supplier. Delete Emails after verification - ON and Test Email to make sure everything is working.
    2. Account Information -> Email - enter any name you like followed by (for example: If you're not feeling creative, here you can find as many names as you like: Make sure that both "Auto-gen data for each account" & "Use Hotmails.txt emails" checkboxes are OFF.
    3. Creation Settings:
    • 1 Run
    • Get Pre-Created Email - OFF
    • Auto Create Email - OFF
    • Auto Verify Emails - ON
    • Use Proxies - Your preference
    • Auto Upload Accounts - Your preference
    Now you need to do a single run at a time because you're using a single email in account information ( Once that run is complete, you can change the email to something like and then do another run. You can theoretically do infinite amount of runs with a single catchall this way, all you need to do is use a different email for account creation each time.

    Also, it's not a bad idea to delete all emails in your catchall's inbox every few runs.

    If you would like to do more than a single run at a time, you would need to be able to create a list of email accounts to use. I can see this happening in one of 2 ways but I don't know if they'll work as again, I don't have access to FCS.
    1. By being able to use a spintax in Account Information -> Email, something like {anna|bob|...}, tho I don't think spintax is supported in that field.
    2. By using the Hotmails.txt file. This works for things like hotmails, gmails, etc but I'm not really sure if it'll work with catchalls. The technical reason being, when using catchalls you need to use a 1 username for verifying emails and another for creating accounts and (I think) Hotmails.txt method assumes they're both the same.
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